a collaborative space to work & stay
— an embassy for entrepreneurs, creators, thinkers and tinkerers

Moonlighting has been retired, many of the pages on this site will no longer work. We closed up in India after 5 years but will be back with new projects in future; learn more about our history…

Moonlighting is a community hub, each location a multi-use coworking space and nomadbase, where local and visiting entrepreneurs, explorers, creators… can live+work on their own projects, yet also participate and collaborate. We offer un-common spaces to work and stay, learn and play…

Our coworking deskspace is available for anyone who can bring their work with them, daily or longer-term, and our coliving accommodation is also available for short getaways, or longer immersion. We especially welcome digital nomads and other location-independent professionals. We also offer residencies for artists, hackers or makers. Do say hi whatever your profile!

What our spaces offer


Bring your laptop and grab a seat at our hotdesks, get down to work in an environment that'll boost your productivity and inspiration! We have both communal areas where you can swap insights and participate with others, but also quiet nooks to focus on your tasks.


Inject some dynamism and inspiration into your routine, come and stay for a few days, a week… even bring your team for a brilliant bootcamp! Take advantage with activities to rejuvenate, and boost your adrenaline alike. But fret not, with our workspace you don't have to put your work down. Dip your toes in and find out what it's like to be a digital nomad.


You're not just an entrepreneur, but a nomad too? Come and live with us for a month or two taking in the local culture and environment, whilst cutting the commute—your office is just downstairs, saving energy and money to concentrate on your projects. Make the most of living and working in a house in a mind-expanding location.


If you're permanently nomadic yet desire a base, or fancy a regular annual touchdown, instead of ad-hoc rental you can have a share in our property cooperative to stay regularly and as an investment in our space—we're also hoping to expand to more locations.


Whether you're working or staying with us, or just fancy dropping by — join us for dinners, workshops, documentary screenings, talks, game nights — share your knowledge, learn new stuff and get to know our other members!

We plan group events to inspire and energise, be they mountain biking, followed by camel burgers and a good smack down at the bath houses, or stretching your mind and limbs on our rooftop with a stint learning about local artisanal traditions.


We're seeking someone to participate in, bring together and manage our community house. You'll be responsible (with guidance from our founder) for looking after both members and staff, checking members in and out, organising some group activities and social media posts, otherwise you're free to use the space for your own work as a member. Minimum term is six months with a 1-month trial, you'll be provided with accommodation in a bunkroom (usually shared only with the resident artist) plus communal meals. Beginner Arabic or French is essential.


Join our community house with your expenses covered! Submit a brief proposal that you think will be of interest to, or will benefit our house and the surrounding communities. Streetart, ethnographic research, interactive media, device hacking, you name it we're interested. Residencies are for a minimum of 3 months, with possibility for further extension, and include accommodation in a bunkroom (usually only shared with the community manager) plus communal meals. Normally we do not offer shorter durations, nor a stipend.

What we're not!

An accelerator or incubator. Being part of our network may mean you bump into folks willing to advise, work for you, join your board, maybe even invest, we don't however offer any organised programmes ourselves. A hotel. You have to look after your own day-to-day requirements and we encourage you to pause and participate together with us, so we're not for you if you're just flying in and out. A permanent home. We want everyone to get to know you yet we also believe in serendipitous encounters on different occasions and in different places, to expand your comfort zone and try new places sooner rather than later. A business centre. If you need to make lots of calls, have visitors, or a large team, we're not your kind of place, but if you're small and scatty, we are!


Have a property available or are you prepared to invest in establishing one? We can help you build a community around it, utilise our expertise, and open up opportunities as part of the Moonlighting network.