a collaborative space to work & stay
with our members at our house in GK 1

Staying with us…

Please note that our accommodation is currently unavailable whilst we undergo renovations at our new locations. We expect rooms to become available commence around March.

Moonlighting is a shared space, we're not a guesthouse nor hostel (we try to keep the house's costs affordable in an otherwise expensive city!), instead all our members support the the upkeep of our house aided by both our staff and volunteers.

As a resident member our bedrooms are available for monthly sublets to those undertaking medium or long-term projects in Delhi, or nightly for short stopovers by visitors.


We have a larger double/twin room plus affordable bunks (which can be private or shared) located in a seperate annexe to our coworking space.

Both types have an en-suite bathroom, bedding and towel, ceiling fan, air conditioning, and some basic storage.

Our cook prepares meals that you may participate in, and our cleaners keep things tidy. As a housemate you may use the common areas and facilities, with exception of the hotdesking rooms unless you wish to take a coworking membership. We usually have reliable water and electricity supply.



Bookings commencing on:      available      long-stay only      not available
Even if no availability is shown, cancellations may occur, therefore to be informed of availability changes be sure to register.

Short Stays (under six weeks)

Your contribution to costs are inclusive of half-board, hotdesking, A/C or heating, room cleaning and laundry. Short stays may be booked for any room for any available date.

Long Stays (over six weeks)

Sublets are arranged on a monthly basis, although it may be possible to accommodate other dates (consult the calendar or contact us). Your contribution comprises the following costs.


You must complete registration, and then you will be prompted to provide details for your stay. We will then confirm with you by email if availability matches. You may also call Yatin on +919716587873 should you have any queries.

A non-refundable advance of 5 000 must be paid to confirm your booking, and a scan of your ID and visa provided.

We do not accept walk-ins, bookings must be made prior to arrival, however if you are in Delhi you're welcome to come and have a look if you arrange this with us. Bookings should be confirmed swiftly, as we do not hold rooms.

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Our Rooms

Mezzanine-1 Standard

Has a large balcony and windows on two sides, but a small bathroom and only one small free-standing warddrobe. Front of house (street-side).

14 850 monthly + costs

Mezzanine-2 Standard

Has a tiny balcony and small windows, but also a wall of windows overlooking the lobby. Built-in warddrobe, split A/C, standard bathroom. Rear of house (park-side).

14 850 monthly + costs

Mezzanine-3 Better

Windows on two sides, a regular balcony and bathroom, window A/C. Door opens overlooking the lobby. Rear of house (park-side). Built-in warddrobe.

19 500 monthly + costs

Middle-1 Best | Short-Stay

Our double-size suite having a desk with view across to the Intercontinental, two large balconies and a large bathroom. Multiple built-in warddrobes. On a semi-independent floor. Split A/C. Front of house (street-side). Can accommodate additional people with extra mattresses on the floor.

2 145 half-board daily; 29 250 monthly + costs

Middle-2 Better

Extra windows. Large built-in warddrobe, standard bathroom, split A/C, regular balcony. Our quietest room, on a semi-independent floor. Rear of house (park-side).

20 850 monthly + costs

Middle-3 Better

Fewer windows. Built-in warddrobe, standard bathroom, regular balcony, split A/C. On a semi-independent floor. Rear of house (park-side).

19 500 monthly + costs

Top-1 Best

Lots of light, a great balcony and large bathroom, with split A/C. Next to bunkroom. Front of house (street-side).

22 500 monthly + costs

Top-2 Bunk Standard | Short-Stay

An extra-large room with 2 bunk beds (4 beds). This is a shared (dormitory) room but may be booked for private use (see below). It has an en-suite bathroom and curtained storage/changing area. A wall of windows and doors open onto a large terrace, overlooking the park at the rear of house. Rate is for a single bed.

950 half-board daily; 9 000 monthly + costs

Top-2 Standard | Short-Stay

The bunk room may be booked for private use, accommodating 4 people with seperate bunks (and up to 8 with additional mattresses on the floor).

1 745 half-board daily; 37 500 monthly + costs

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