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About us

Moonlighting was founded to conceptualise, establish and operate the first open-membership† combined coworking and coliving space, with the goal of growing it into a wider network connecting local and location independent professionals.

Our history

Commencing late 2010 we opened a 9-bed mixed-use communal house in New Delhi, India which also offered the city's first coworking space. In 2014 this was extended on a franchise basis with a house in Gurgaon, but rescinded in 2015, with both spaces then transitioning to offering only coworking under their own new identities. (For some further details see the archived Delhi page.)

† Many mixed-use coliving houses offer their workspace only to their residents, whilst also strictly curating members from specific sectors or demographics, thus cannot be considered open in the same manner. Our model is to provide a diverse coworking membership with semi-curated residencies/stays (the inverse).

The future

We shall continue to experiment with service-levels, offerings, and models, especially with the possibility of cooperative and fractional ownership to fund expansion.

Since we started there have been a growing number of spaces utilising a ‘coworkation’ retreat model in which accommodation is offered as a package including workspace and ‘holiday’ activities. Whilst reliant upon ‘tourism’ (i.e. from within the coworking ecosystem), this appears more sustainable than our original model offering medium-term stays to digital nomads and expats.

The Moonlighting brand has however now been retired. It's learnings and approach will be reignited, please check our sponsor's site for links to new projects.

The locations

Delhi (December 2010–December 2014)

Founder: Jacob Jay; Director (2011): Jacob Jay;
Director (2012+): Yatin K Thakur
Funding and support: The Moon Mill, Mesmobia

A 9-bedroom villa in a residential colony next to Nehru Place, that was leased empty, hotdesking was originally top-floor but eventually moved to the basement and was replaced with a bunkroom. A large two-story open casual area hosted events.

We transferred to a new property on a partnership basis with the landlord, which had been planned and decorated for Moonlighting, but subsequently was changed to a dedicated coworking space under CoworkIn with private offices instead of bedrooms.

Gurgaon (April 2014–September 2015)

Founder and director: Mukul Pasricha

An ex-guesthouse leased near Galleria that was converted and redecorated, with 6 private offices, 2 bedrooms, hotdesking, casual space and a basement event space. Upon leaving the franchise the bedrooms were subsequently turned into additional offices now operating as Spring House.

Our founder

I'm Jacob Jay. As a nomadic tech-professional I have wide experience spanning a couple of decades from the dotcom era, with a particular interest in coworking which started from watching the movement's inception as a remote worker myself, and onwards through the creation and activity of the ecosystems that grow around such spaces.

I work across all of tech, design and experience, originally with a London agency, my own software startups, and more recently as a consultant. I greatly enjoy helping other entrepreneurs build great stuff and thus lead the creation of each Moonlighting location according to our shared values and philosophy! More about me…