a collaborative space to work & stay
with our members at our house in GK 1

Coworking workspace and communal casual area will be open to local and visiting professionals ether ad-hoc or long-term, with events and social gatherings.


getaways will provide an individual package up to 14 days, and which may be booked to participate in scheduled community activities with our other members. Longer stays may be possible up to 2 months.

Decamps will provide the opportunity for small startups and teams to leave their usual routines and get-together to shake things up in our house! These can be purely professional or include group outings and events.

Residencies will give the opportunity for a free stay at our house at Fez of one to six months, whilst you work on a project (as a contributor, or your own) having aligned value to the community, or indeed as a community manager for the house itself. Projects will not be restricted in their medium or subject, and might be educational, art or technology, providing you can present regular updates to, or involve our community. We will also offer free ad-hoc short-stays for any guests, such as couchsurfers who can present about a particular subject or project at our events. (Accommodation in a shared dorm.)

Coliving will give the opportunity for nomads to purchase a life-long and transferable co-op membership to use the house's accommodation. We hope to target a cost of around €4,000 for 2 months per annum, plus recurring costs of around €300/year, both recoverable against profit shares if unused. This model should enable us to expand to additional locations, with a target of annual housing costing €40,000 including at least one major EU city, with living costs of €/month.