a collaborative space to work & stay
with our members at our house in GK 1


This page introduces you to the workings of our house, what its facilities are, and how you may use and contribute to them. You should read it now, to avoid any issues later.

Understand that participation of both risk and reward in the house is shared, we are are a community managed house to be treated as the home of your fellow housemates, workmates and staff alike. We are most certainly not a commercial service provider, serviced offices, hostel, nor guesthouse.

A contribution to the shared use of our space gives no special privileges, and we regard any disrespect of our guidelines, fellow members or staff as a serious matter that will result in the termination of membership.

If you seek or expect a clear-cut service level, our space is not suited to you and we ask you to find this elsewhere.


‘Hosts’ are volunteers. They may be fellow workmates or housemates, but have committed to providing part-time oversight of our space and community. Our hosts have some authority to ensure operation of our space and the application of our guidelines.

Our hosts are knowledgeable and good people to query if you need guidance or knowledge that's relevant to them, but please do not pester them. Hosts are not staff, and any assistance they may provide is at their discretion. You may view a list of our hosts, or contact the team via delhi.hosts@moonlighting.in.

Our House Manager or Community Manager can also help with most queries. They do hold full authority to ensure these guidelines are followed, and will enforce them if necessary. Failure to respect their requests to adhere to our guidelines will result in termination of membership.

If you have any issue with a fellow housemate failing to respect these guidelines, the house or yourself, please refer to to the responsibility section. Should you have any unresolved issues, or if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your participation, please contact a director (delhi.directors@moonlighting.in).

Mailing lists

Our email lists and website connect us together. Just as with our physical space, please exercise discretion when posting. These are intended as a place to seek advice, share opportunities, and pursue ideas. Do not send any 'forwards' nor air your or other's confidential details. The lists are plain-text only and do not accept attachments.

You may post messages to all other members using the following list addresses as per your membership. Ensure these are in your address book or whitelist so that messages do not end up in your spam or bulk folders. You must send from your registered email address (which you may change).

When you become a member you are automatically subscribed to all lists and will start receiving messages—until your membership terminates, or you change your subscription setting (on the Member page).


We invite you to share our house in return for contributions to rent, services and meals, whilst ideally also investing towards improving the space and facilities, and towards our social enterprise goals. Workmates (coworking members) may use our work and common spaces typically only during office hours, whilst housemates may use our private and common spaces throughout their stay at the house.

Membership is by invitation. Register to express your interest. You will then be invited to visit and when accepted if space is available, granted member status pending completion of any membership requirements (e.g. identification, deposit).

This document does not constitute a contract, nor provision of any service. Membership is an informal arrangement, managed under these guidelines.

Workmate membership

Allows use of common facilities of our house and workspace desks during Monday–Saturday 9am–9pm, except some holidays. See the working here page for details.

Housemate membership

Offers use of a bedroom for a specified period. You will be provided a front-door key for 24/7 access. See the staying here page for general details.

We strongly recommend that new housemates post to the mailing list introducing themselves before arrival, advising their arrival time so that someone may greet them.


Our chef Dominic, prepares and serves lunches and suppers from our common kitchen on the ground floor. These are typically spicy to some degree, but will include a salad and at least once a week dishes such as quiche or pizza are made. Please feel free to discuss suggestions for meals with Dominic and other members.


Upon booking a meal, your account will be debited for its cost. No refund is available for meals that are booked but not eaten.

Lunch and supper are prepared by Dominic every day except Sunday and holidays. Please don't be greedy and leave enough for everyone else. Your contribution covers only a single portion, if you'd like to eat more heartily please make an additional contribution.

Cooking yourself

Housemates may use the the common kitchen providing it will not disrupt our cook or anything happening in the lobby (typically not between 11 am and 6pm on workdays). Workmates may only heat or serve meals prepared at home and brought with them or delivered.




As with any shared house, housemates are expected to contribute some time towards ensuring the upkeep, maintenance, operation and improvement of our space, as a communal effort. The staff typically provide only cleaning and cooking, but are available to assist with other issues where possible as their time or ability allows.

Common housekeeping tasks, such as restocking supplies or for cleaning, should be addressed directly to the House Manager or by email to delhi.house@moonlighting.in.

All other tasks should be immediately reported using the form on the member page, and may be discussed on the housemates mailing list.

All damage is at your own expense, for anything you break or sully, please replace it with an equivalent, or make a corresponding contribution.



Your account is debited in advance (typically before arrival and before each month begins) for all your contributions. You may settle your account by a couple of different methods.

Any account not settled within 7 days of arrival, or before the 1st of the month, shall incur an Rs.1,000 penalty fee.

Deposits and refunds on a positive balance should be arranged prior to membership cessation, and will not be made prior to its end. Payout is made in cash, or only for amounts greater than Rs.5,000 by PayPal, by bank transfer subject to fees (free for India and UK), else any account balance may be transferred to another member. If not requested within 30 days of cessation, any balance shall be considered a donation.



Strive to defer your values to those of our community and neighbourhood as a guest, without attracting undue attention or reputation upon ourselves and our community.

You are encouraged to ensure you have adequate insurance throughout your stay. You are entirely responsible for your own property and well-being inside and outside the house. You enter the property and accept its use as seen. Nobody is responsible for anyone's negligence in protecting yourself or your property, be it due to theft, creepy-crawlies, an act of god, a fellow housemate or any other circumstance.

Should any member at anytime feel that the house presents a risk to you or your property you must raise this with a director, and you may immediately resign your membership. Your remaining balance shall be refunded without normal penalty under the guidelines, but subject to approval by vote.


A membership is placed on probation under certain circumstances, such as late-payment of your account or infractions of the guidelines.

When on probation, your profile is marked as such and certain privileges shall be restricted.

Release is automatic after a period of time for minor incidents of member-initiated probation, or immediate if the cause is sufficiently explained to the House Manager and apologised for immediately after the infraction (per 'Responsibility'). Otherwise shall only be by agreement amongst a panel of members only.


Changes and continuation

Any changes to these terms shall be notified to current housemates via the mailing list. Future housemates are required to check or recheck this page before arrival.

Should you disagree with any change or point of these terms you may instigate a community discussion to consider changing them, however they shall nonetheless apply to you continuously from confirmation of membership, until you should resign your membership and leave the house.